The metaMind Institute creates innovative approaches to thinking, performing and evolving so that individuals and organizations are equipped with the cognitive capacities for optimal performance and growth. These programs are forged from the unique synthesis of neuroscience, behavioral economics and mindfulness training.

Our consulting services consist of tailor-designed training modules based on each organization’s needs. By using mindfulness training for critical areas of business — including marketing, sales and business development, and HR — we help organizations and their team members move beyond mere stress management, strengthening key mental capacities for efficient engagement and productivity.

Adaptive Intelligence Training (AIT)

Adaptive Intelligence Training is an in-house, 8 week,  strength and conditioning program for your brain. Upon completing the foundational course in AIT, your brain will think more dynamically, with greater cognitive flexibility and creativity.

Based on insights from neuroscience, AIT employs mindfulness-based skill-sets to create stronger neural circuitry for optimal performance.

AIT recognizes three broad contexts in which decisions are made: Intuitive contexts, Rational contexts, and Innovative contexts. Adaptive Intelligence Training educates you on the criteria of each and develops tools for optimizing unique ways of thinking within each context.

Corporate Performance Retreat (CPR)

The Corporate Performance Retreat (CPR) is a 3-5 day residential program for physical and mental renewal.  CPR is based on the elegantly simple principal that intelligent rest is essential for intelligent performance.

Each day of retreat aligns around a two-fold process. First, each day of CPR is framed with early morning and late afternoon yoga sessions. These sessions of mindful movement clear the body and mind of accumulated stress and tension. Second, the heart of each day of CPR is an immersion learning environment where participants are introduced to the concepts and practices of Adaptive Intelligence Training. In addition to the content that participants receive, there are also several periods of free time for reflection and metabolizing of information.

Upon completing the CPR program, people will emerge revitalized and equipped with skills to thrive in their everyday environment.


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